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OPTIMUM INVEST CRYPTO abbreviated as OIC Crypto Currency Trading Sounds Good, but it is not profitable every time because it does not require only good experience but depends upon many factors. Fortunately ‘OIC TRADEX’ is one of the sure shot platform to generate revenue because we have got experience traders, sophisticated equipments, advanced AI Trade Bot and of course high trading volume.

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Safe to exchange cryptocurrency into fiat currency and transfer ..

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The most truasted crypto currency bitcoin and ethernum.

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When you need help , We provide a level of support that is unmatched in the crypto industry. Contact OIC Support. 24/7 ..

Instant currency

A platform, online or physical, that allows users to easily and quickly exchange one cryptocurrency for another or for fiat money..

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Mission and Vission

To curb the supremacy of whale investors who decides the market course. Because of their personal interest the market movements become abrupt and completely unpredictable which severely impact the common or even expert trader. This happens in all the trading niche. This results in the loss of common trader and profit of whales. However, the situation can be reversed or even offer equal opportunity. It seems hard, but we are very close to our objective. A collaborated effort can challengeand change the lifestyles.

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