Transactional Speed

Cryptocurrency transactions are done is appealing to many.
in a matter of minutes and that
is appealing to many
payment system.

Secure wallet

The best crypto hardware wallet overall
because of its large number of supported
assets, tight security framework
nd trading capabilities .

Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin is changing the way people
think about money. Educate yourself
about this ground-breaking
payment system.

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About Bitcoin

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OIC Tradex
The Bitcoin Wallet on Phones

Think of bitcoin as digital cash you can send
or receive through the internet.

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check our process

How It Works


Choose Your Wallet

Crypto wallets hold the
private keys to your cryptocurrency
and, if used correctly, can keep
them safe from hackers and thieves.


Make a Payment

crypto wallet and some BTCs in
your wallet. You will also need
to know the public address
of the person you are sending.


Start Buying & Selling

Open a Crypto Exchange Account
You can't simply buy crypto
using your bank account to start
trading cryptocurrency. ...

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